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Yes, Cancún is safe

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I began selling and planning incentive trips in Mexico in 2008, and am therefore no stranger to clients expressing concern regarding safety. Having moved here last December, I now have a realistic perspective of what safety is really like.

Other than when I lived in Monaco (Monte Carlo), have I witnessed a greater presence of law enforcement officers than what I have experienced in my first six weeks in Cancún. It’s purely preventative and as such should not be perceived as a reason to worry - quite the contrary.

I have driven, walked, and shopped in Downtown Cancún at various times of the day and I haven’t felt vulnerable once. One of the fundamentals of staying safe is the same as in the UK and the USA, you avoid certain places or neighborhoods when it’s dark and you exercise vigilance in crowded places. That said, there is nothing that Downtown Cancún has that the Hotel Zone doesn’t have, and therefore no reason to visit Downtown anyway.

Cancún consists of two parts: The Hotel Zone, a 10-mile strand of resorts, restaurants and sandy beaches on the Caribbean Sea; and Downtown Cancún, the less touristy city center that caters to the wants and needs of those who serve the visitors.

Anyone visiting Cancún is more than likely to stay in the Hotel Zone, which has an excellent track record for safety. Visitors travel outside the Hotel Zone to participate in outdoor activities such as zip-line, ATVs, play in one of many theme parks, hit balls on a premier golf course, visit an archeological site, stroll a quaint seaside town such as Puerto Morelos or Playa del Carmen, or grab a ferry to Isla Mujeres or Cozumel. These are all easily and safely accomplished by working with a great DMC (www.Dest-XL.com).

There are 18 holes of golf and a handful of other activities inside the Hotel Zone, such as the popular jungle speedboat/snorkeling excursion and dolphin encounter. Additionally, both the UK and the US have consulates within the Hotel Zone.

There are multiple police forces including; Transito (traffic), Turistica (tourist), Estatal (state), Municipal (city), Federal (federal), and occasionally you may see the Marina (or Navy) forces on patrol. They’re in camo gear, and their focus is keeping the sea ports secure.

I did get stopped for speeding and running a red light, but in the context of safety I would consider that a good thing. There is zero tolerance for drinking/driving and random road blocks are very frequent occurrence further emphasizing the importance of public safety is for the authorities.

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