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Large-scale Events in Cancún

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

5,500 people · 4 hotels · 10 days · 22 Activities · 20 Restaurants · 6 Dine Around Evenings

Once a year, DMC Cancún play a major role in the production of a large-scale recognition event that brings 5,500 top performers from all over the U.S. to celebrate their annual accomplishments at the Hotel Zone’s most prestigious addresses.

Dealing with such a large number of attendees presents obvious and some less obvious challenges, especially when your objective is to provide a VIP-like experience. But they do it successfully year after year and now in its ninth year, DMC Cancún owners/partners Fernando Llano and Gaby Macedo are always looking to be more efficient and improve the attendee experience.

“We’re fortunate to have a very efficient airport that can handle the number of aircraft with the seat capacity needed to bring the volume of people here in a cost-effective manner ($543 is the roundtrip average airfare)”, Gaby explains.

“Then there’s the low airport transportation cost due to the proximity of the airport to the Hotel Zone, and that counts for a lot when you’re dealing with large numbers, and let’s not forget the convenient 25-minute ride each way”, she says.

What about the recreational side of Cancún, when it comes to providing things to do for so many people at once? Fernando assures “Since we have an abundance of activity and excursion options we focus on enhancing the experience, starting with capturing the attendee's preferred option, followed by getting them to/ from in a safe, timely and comfortable manner”.

“With 5,500 guests participating in 22 different activities over the course of 10 days required us to rethink our strategy so we could offer the very best attendee experience. With those numbers you can imagine the number of changes that take place, and the amount of work required to track and manage those updates”.

“And that’s not all. In addition to the activities, we have six Dine Around evenings, where guests can choose to dine at a choice of 20 of the area’s very best restaurants”. There is a plethora of quality dining options inside the Hotel Zone and more options in nearby Puerto Cancún, a fancy brand new shopping mall and luxury marina with direct access to the Hotel Zone.

Add to this that guests are spread out over four resorts, and it starts painting the picture of the logistical knowhow required to pull off such a complex event.

Stay tuned, and we will share how DMC Cancún goes about managing their event efficiently on an upcoming article “A Planner’s Guide to Selecting the Best and Most Innovative DMCs".

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