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Italy | Lifting Restrictions - Phase 3

Italy moves into the next phase of its gradual deconfinement on June 15 following Prime Minister’s Giuseppe Conte decree signed this past Thursday.

Noticeable changes/improvements:

  • Mandatory quarantine for visitors arriving in Italy is maintained, except for those entering from the Schengen zone. 

  • Cinemas and theaters are permitted to re-open starting June 15.

  • Nightclubs will be able to operate from July 14.

  • Social distancing measures and face mask requirements will remain in place in closed public spaces.

  • Funerals are now allowed with a limit of 15 attendees.

  • Schools are expected to remain closed until September 1.

One-meter (3-feet) distance rule Everyone is required to keep a minimum distance of one meter from anyone else at all times when out of the house, or two meters during exercise. If that’s not possible, wearing masks is mandatory (ex. when in shops and on public transport.)

Wearing masks Wearing a face mask remains mandatory in closed spaces, such as restaurants (except when seated) or shops, or on public transport.

Anyone with a temperature of 99.5 degrees or higher must stay at home.

Disposable gloves Gloves are recommended when shopping and are mandatory in some food stores.

Temperature checks To access offices and public buildings it is mandatory to undergo body temperature measurement. If it exceeds 99.5 degrees, access may be denied. The government also recommends that restaurant owners should carry out these checks on customers at the entrance.

Temperature screening is also in place for passengers at airports and train stations.

Driving with passengers

Social distancing measures should be followed inside your vehicle. Four people can travel in the same car only if they reside in the same home.

No gatherings

Whether at home or outdoors, large gatherings and meetings of any type are still forbidden. No kissing and hugging This remains forbidden, even between relatives. 

Advance bookings Reservations are required to enter museums and galleries, as well as restaurants, fitness centers, and beauty salons. Don’t hang around

To prevent crowds forming, particularly in the evening, bars and restaurants are instructed to ask customers not to linger at tables for too long.

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