• Marty Doyle

Is Cancun Safe?

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Like every destination, Cancun has a reputation that crafts perception. Since safety is a primary concern for many, I've decided to move here for a month and get to know it more intimately. I plan to learn Spanish and spend time with the locals (when I say locals just know that hardly anyone who lives here is from here, most are from Mexico City and Guadalajara), in the places they frequent so I can experience safety first hand.

I'll make a point of becoming more familiar with the places inside the Hotel Zone too, as more new and innovative dining options open up on a very regular basis, and I'll head outside the city limits too and include a visit to Playa del Carmen, Chicken Pizza (sorry, I mean Chichen Itza), and perhaps as far as Merida.

I'll be getting to know Fernando's DMC Cancun operation too, and get a below the surface perspective versus only ever seeing the duck above the water. I'm excited and nervous at the same time, but it's essential I know for myself so I can guide and direct potential customers considering Cancun, Riviera Cancun, and Riviera Maya to host their events.

Enjoy the cold winter!

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